Thursday, August 16, 2007

What's Your Political Compass?

Curious about where the current crop of presidential candidates really stand politically? Well, according to the Political Compass, most of the Democrats are pretty darn conservative...

And this graphic shows how other major political leaders around the world stack up. I see a trend. Don't you?

If you'd like to see where you fall on the map, take the test!
(Apparently, I fall somewhere due south of the Dalai Lama.)


Lydia said...

Ooh! Loved that!! I'm to the left of the Dalai Lama--hanging out with Nelson Mandela. Good company. Some of those questions made me go this one: The businessperson and the manufacturer are more important than the writer and the artist. The sad thing is some people would "strongly agree" with that. Argh!

finding the filth said...