Monday, December 31, 2007

Franklin & Preston - "Auld Lang Syne"

Aretha Franklin & Billy Preston perform the New Year's classic, from 1987.

ABBA - "Happy New Year"

Wishing you all the very best in 2008!

It's Already 2008

Home video from today's New Year's Eve fireworks display in Auckland, New Zealand.

Happy New Year!!

"Auld Lang Syne" Karaoke

This song is played every year, but no one ever knows the words. Now you can practice with the karaoke version.

New Year's Wishes

This year, the Times Square Alliance of NYC has started two new traditions: Good Riddance Day & the Wishing Wall.

For Good Riddance Day, people can write down all the bad things from the previous year and have them ripped to bits in an industrial shredder.

And for the Wishing Wall, the alliance has asked people to write their wishes for the new year on pieces of confetti, which will be released at the stroke of midnight.

You can also submit your New Year's wishes online.

The Times Square Ball

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Times Square New Year's Eve ball drop. To celebrate the event, a new and improved ball has been designed to marry the tradition of Waterford crystals, with new energy-efficient LED lights.

Here, the crew begins assembling the base for the lights and crystals.

In this clip, the 672 Waterford crystal panels are installed.

And, finally, the complete design is unveiled.

Martin & Sinatra - New Year's Eve Party

Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra have their hands full with a drunken guest at their party.

Smosh - New Year's Eve PSA

Don't be a douche. Drink responsibly tonight.

Henry Rollins Teeing Off on Privatization

Henry Rollins has a few choice words for the corporate monopolies who profit from never-ending war and disaster.

How do YOU read erotica?

College students reading portions of the erotic novel "Forbidden Pleasure", by Lora Leigh.

The Beatles - "Something"

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Simian Mobile Disco - "Hustler"

Another case of one song with two videos. Both are outrageous in their own way.

The original version was directed by Saam Farahmand.

The second version was directed by Ace Norton.

Special thanks to Tammy for sending this in!

Who Da Funk - "Shiny Disco Ball"

2002 music video featuring Jessica Eve.

Charlene - "I've Never Been To Me"

Same song, two videos. Both hilarious.

This version was released in 1977.

And this version was released in 1982.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Imagination - "Just an Illusion"

God, I love the 80s...

Say, Marimo

Beautiful short Japanese film about a girl and her dog, from the 2005 compilation called All About My Dog.

Have some tissues handy. You're gonna need 'em!

When Robot Programmers Get Bored

You gotta love the Duran Duran reference.

Energy Star Computers

Arthur Howard of ICF Consulting is working with the EPA to find a way to make home computers more energy efficient and even merit the Energy Star sticker.

Norman Solomon on the Glenn Beck Show

Executive Director of the Institute of Public Accuracy, Norman Solomon, appeared on the Glenn Beck Show to discuss NBC's recent on-air ass-kissing of their parent company GE. But he didn't stop there. He called out all of the major networks for not disclosing the special interests of their parent companies, including Beck's own CNN.

It's so rare we get to see anything real make it to the news channels. So savor this moment of honesty. Beck's idiotic buffoonery is just gravy.

Bigots Love Giuliani

Seems the racists will be voting for Rudy Giuliani in '08.

(Is it wrong that I want to slap an old man now?)

Beanstalk Bunny

Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck vie for the Giant's treasure in this classic Merrie Melodies cartoon from 1955.

Cab Calloway - "Hi De Ho Miracle Man"

Performed on Sesame Street in 1979.

Solla Solla Enna Perumai

Superfly song and dance performance from the 1981 Bollywood Tamil film Ellam Inba Mayam.

Teardrop Explodes - "Ha Ha, I'm Drowning"

Performed live in 1981.

Chapelle's Show - B-Ball with Prince

Charlie Murphy tells a story about the time he played basketball with Prince.

Ali G - Dangerous Drugs

Ali G gets an education on the effects of different types of illegal substances.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Brothers Johnson - "Light Up the Night"

Performed live in 1980.

Shonen Knife - "Daydream Believer"

Laurent Voulzy - "Bubble Star"

Rare extended video for the 1978 French pop hit.

Six Lessons From Madame La Zonga

Bobby Burgess and Cissy King lead a song and dance number on The Lawrence Welk Show: Salute to the Working People, from March 8th, 1969.

Gary Glitter & Leigh Bowery

Rare footage of Gary Glitter interviewing the legendary Leigh Bowery on his late night chat show The Leader Talks in the early 1990s.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Kurtis Blow - "Christmas Rappin'"

Performed on Top of the Pops in 1980.

Hope you & yours have had a fabulous holiday!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Food Banks in Desperate Need!!

Tens of millions of Americans will go hungry this holiday season because of a dramatic drop in supplies. Please do what you can to help!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Billy Squier - "Christmas is the Time..."

"Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You", recorded with the original MTV VJs, for MTV's first holiday celebration in 1981.

The Carpenters - "Merry Christmas Darling"

Tony Bennett - "Chestnuts Roasting..."

Tony Bennett performing "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" with the Boston Pops in 1994, conducted by John Williams.

Montalban & Williams - "It's Cold Outside"

Ricardo Montalban & Esther Williams perform the duet "Baby, It's Cold Outside" in the 1949 film Neptune's Daughter.

The Ramones - "Merry Christmas Baby"

Dick in a Box

The famous musical skit from Saturday Night Live, performed by Justin Timberlake & Andy Samberg. First aired on December 16th, 2006.

Louis Theroux - Christmas Reunion

The Christmas reunion episode of Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends, for the BBC, from December 2000, in which Louis brings together a porns star, an evangelist, a survivalist & a man who channels aliens from outer space.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Steve Martin's Christmas Wish

Classic comedy sketch performed on Saturday Night Live on December 14th, 1991.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tom Waits - "Christmas Card from..."

Live medley of "Silent Night" and "Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis".

SuperNews - It's a Horrible Life

In this parody of It's a Wonderful Life, the creative minds at Current TV take a look at what life would be like if George W. Bush had never been born.

Golden Duke Nominees Are In

The nominees for the 2007 Golden Duke Awards for outstanding acts of political corruption have been selected!

I'm hoping for a Gonzo sweep!

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Story of Festivus

Learn the legacy of the the Festivus holiday in this montage from the classic Seinfeld episode that aired on December 18, 1997.

If you're interested in celebrating Festivus this year, the Wagner company in Wisconsin is selling Festivus poles.

Muppets & Denver - "12 Days of Christmas"

From the 1979 Christmas special, John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together.

Santa's Surprise

1947 cartoon about children from around who decide help out Santa.

Tom Lehrer - "The Vatican Rag"

Family Guy - Magical Land of Desserts

After smoking too much weed, Peter & Lois make an awesome discovery.

Homer Simpson: Picture a Day for 39 Years

The Simpsons parody one of the most famous videoblogs ever to appear on YouTube, "Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years".


New PSA from your friends at Greenpeace.

Why Was Kucinich Excluded in Iowa?

Videoblogger Davis Fleetfood hit the streets in Des Moines to find out why Congressman Dennis Kucinich was not allowed to participate in the democratic debate, while wack-a-doo Alan Keyes was permitted to join the republican debate.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mad TV - Santa on Cops

In this claymation clip from Mad TV, Santa gets pulled over by the cops.

Jackie Beat - "Santa's Baby"

RuPaul - "Santa Baby"

Jose Feliciano - "Feliz Navidad"

Performed live in Denmark in 1973.

Wham! - "Last Christmas"

Bowie & Crosby - "Little Drummer Boy"

The unusual pair of David Bowie and Bing Crosby teamed up for one of the most outstanding Christmas medleys ever, "Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy". It was originally recorded for Bing Crosby's Merrie Olde Christmas show on September 11th, 1977, shortly before Bing Crosby's death.

Band Aid - "Do They Know It's Christmas"

South Park - Jesus vs. Santa

Judy Garland Show - Carol Medley

In this clip from the 1963 Christmas episode of the Judy Garland Show, Judy and the gang gather around for an impromptu medley of traditional holiday carols. Features songs by Judy, her 17 year-old daughter Liza Minelli, and a young Velvet Fog, Mel Torme.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Dr. Seuss's famous holiday story, directed by Chuck Jones and narrated by Boris Karloff.

TV Funhouse - Charlie Brown Christmas

Saturday Night Live's TV Funhouse has a little fun with a holiday favorite.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Full episode of the holiday classic.

Red State Update: Iowa Debate Recaps

Jackie & Dunlap discuss the most memorable moments from this week's presidential candidate debates in Iowa.

The Republicans.

The Democrats.

Is Junk Media Making You Sick?

Wexler Wants Hearings

Congressional Representative Robert Wexler (D-FL) has released an online ad calling for the impeachment hearings of "Vice President" Dick Cheney. He fuckin' means it, too...

If you'd like to hear more about Wexler's position and all the reasons why Dick Cheney needs to be impeached immediately, check out this interview he did with Air America's Randi Rhodes on Friday. Parts 1 & 2 below.

Bill Moyers Journal: Keith Olbermann

Countdown's Keith Olberman sat down for an extended interview with the great and wonderful Bill Moyers. All three parts are posted below.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Run-DMC - "Christmas In Hollis"

Mike Huckabee's Message to Iowa


Speak to your kids about the dangers of cooties.

Love Letters

Silent film about Scrabble and betrayal, directed by Mary Gillen for the Columbia University MFA film program.

Red State Update: Christmas w/ Mike Gravel

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel celebrates the holidays with Jackie & Dunlap.

Monty Python - "Bruces' Philosophers Song"

Clip from the 1982 concert film Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl, in which the University of Woolloomooloo's Philosophy Department invites the crowd to join them in a sing-a-long about philosophy's greatest drinkers and thinkers.

Dancing on the Moon

A Fleischer Color Classic cartoon from 1935.

Belle & Sebastian - "Legal Man"

Towa Tei - "Technova (La em Copacabana)"

Bebel Gilberto contributes vocals for this 1995 electronica hit.

Hall & Oates - "I Can't Go For That "

No can do!

Mankini Man Dances London

Stupidity, a Documentary

Independant documentary film about the rise of stupidity in modern American culture.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Carol Channing - "That's How Young I Feel"

Performed live with Tommy Tune on The Dean Martin Show, on December 7th, 1972.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Eydie Gorme - "I Wanna Be Around"

The ultimate breakup song, performed live on the Tonight Show in 1966.

Santa's Workshop

Short documentary from Sweden about the inhumane conditions suffered by Chinese toy factory workers, and the toll it takes on their health and environment.

Jorge Ben Jor & Tim Maia - "Lorraine"

Rare live 1981 duet from the DVD compilation Energia.

Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 - "Mas Que Nada"

Performed live on The O'Keefe Centre Presents: The Rock Scene - Like It Is!, on October 16th, 1967.

Mr. Rogers, the B-Boy

In this clip from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, 12 year-old Jermaine teaches Mr. Rogers how to breakdance. First aired on February 6th, 1985.

Nina Simone - "Ain't Got No... I've Got Life"

Performed live at the Harlem Festival in New York City in 1969.

WAR IS OVER ...if you want it

This is a montage of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's peace campaign from 1969, followed by a new video for the famous song "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)". (Includes some graphic images.)

If you would like to print up flyers, head over to Imagine Peace for downloads.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Wen - "It Was a Very Good Year"

Deep gratitude goes out to Tammy & Chris for bringing this lunacy into my life.

Olberman - Special Comment on Iran

Countdown's Keith Olberman delivered a Special Comment last night on George Bush's lies about Iran's nuclear capabilities and the timing of the NIE.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Björk - "Declare Independence"

Bjork's latest video from her album Volta, directed by Michel Gondry.

Sexy Beijing: Lost in Translation

An American girl living in Beijing, China explores the funny array of English names adopted by the Chinese people.

Double happiness and sweet buns to the fabulous Neatorama for turning me onto this wonderful videoblog series.

Barack OBollywood

This is some tripped-out wonderment right here.

Sylvester - "Do You Wanna Funk"

Performed live on Popcorn in 1982.

Countdown: Giuliani's Ties to Terrorism

Keith Olberman reports on republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani's close ties to terrorist supporters.

The War on Greed: Henry Kravis

Brave New Films has released a new campaign: The War on Greed.

This short film focuses on Henry Kravis, a man who makes more than $51,000 an hour, by borrowing money from banks, buying up companies, slashing benefits, then selling the companies and laying off all it's workers. He reaps profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars every year, by devastating the lives of hardworking Americans. And to top it all off, he pays far less in taxes than you.

It's time for change.

Sicko - The Greatest Country in the World

This is a deleted scene from Michael Moore's film Sicko.

If you thought they had it sweet in England and France, wait till you see this!!

Randi Rhodes - We Believe

This is the complete "We Believe" speech by Air America's Randi Rhodes, at the 50th anniversary party for Peace Action, in Detroit, Michigan on November 11th, 2007.

It's like a new constitution for America, complete with standing ovations.

Adam Sandler - "The Chanukah Song"

Performed on Saturday Night Live on December 3rd, 1994.

Happy Chanukah, y'all!!

Kucinich Questions Himself

Kucinich is The Man!

In this clip, from the Brown and Black Forum debate for Democratic candidates on December 1st, Congressman Dennis Kucinich seized the opportunity to get some exposure for his policy stance on healthcare.

Phelps Family - "God Hates the World"

Oh yes they did.

The Phelps Family (aka that lunatic religious cult that runs around protesting at soldiers' funerals with "God Hates Fags" signs) has recorded a music video. And it's just as whacked out coo-coo crazy as you 'd think it'd be. And it's to the tune of "We Are the World".

I don't know if I'm enraged and offended, or if it's hysterically funny and campy. It's like they are SO over-the-top with their irrational hate-mongering, that they really have to be clinically retarded. And I almost want to pat them on the head and give them cookies just for being able to read.

Oh - and the final frame really sold it for me...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Global Warming Frosty

MADtv animation about the effects of global warming on Frosty the Snowman.

Marijuana Stops the Spread of Cancer

Smoke 'em if you got 'em, people!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cheryl Lynn - "Shake It Up Tonight"

Rare 1981 music video from the disco diva.

Carrie Lucas - "Show Me"

Music video for the 1982 hit "Show Me Where You're Coming From".

Passengers - "He's Speedy Like Gonzales"

Italo-disco from 1980.

Golden Duke Awards Contest Rules

TPMtv has decided to hand out Golden Duke Awards (named for the godfather of modern political corruption, Duke Cunningham) to honor the best scandals of the year. Nominate your favorites in each category by December 14th. The winners will be announced on December 31st.

Cops May Have to Replace Destroyed Weed

Medical marijuana patients in Fort Collins, Colorado are demanding that the police replace the drugs they seized and illegally destroyed. And there's a good chance the police will have to comply.

FCC and Media Consolidation

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is trying to fast track new legislation that will allow corporations to own even more media outlets in local markets, despite overwhelming opposition from the American public. This attempt at deregulation is so blatantly corrupt that both democrats & republicans in congress have joined together to say they will overturn any decision by the FCC.

Banksy Tags Bethlehem

World renowned graffiti artist Bansky has done a bit more tagging of the apartheid wall separating Israel and Palestine. This time in the birthplace of Jesus.

Wizzard - "Rock 'n' Roll Winter"

Performed live on Top of the Pops in 1974.

Woman Pissed About New Butt

This woman in Tennessee got butt cheek implants. But the implants have shifted and now she can't bend over. And wait till you see what they look like... Even the anchorman reading the report can't help but laugh at her.

Sorry, Internet

In solidarity with the Writers Guild of America, internet pets have also gone on strike. No justice. No cuteness.

Giuliani Ad Parody: A Question Of Security

Tim Meadows Marijuana Warning

In this scene from the upcoming film Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Tim Meadows's character warns Dewey Cox (played by John C. Reilly) against the dangers of marijuana.

Robin Williams: Do We Look Like This?

Robin Williams has a question for the ladies.

Homophobes Are Gay

In this clip, from the HBO documentary Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She, narrator Gore Vidal discusses a 1996 study on homophobia, which revealed that homophobic males were aroused by gay porn, while non-homophobes were not.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Lil Suzy- "Take Me In Your Arms"

Performed live on public access television in the early 1990s.

Heatwave - "Boogie Nights"

Chilly - "For Your Love"

Performed on German TV in 1979.

Lio - "Amoureux Solitaires"

Performed on the German TV show Bananas in 1980.

Judy Cheeks - "Mercy"

The magenta velvet tuxedo, the blizzard of bubbles, the over-enthusiastic spinning... This may well be the epitome of 1981.

Madleen Kane - "Fever"

Performed on French TV in 1978.

Dr. Buzzard's Band - "Cherchez La Femme"

Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band performing in 1977.

Alberto Gonzales Legal Defense Fund

Please give what you can to help poor little Alberto.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Little Richard - "Lucille" & "Tutti Frutti"

Performed live for TV in 1969.

R.I.P. Evel Knievel

The world's greatest stuntman, Evel Knievel died yesterday at the age of 69, from natural causes. Here is the NBC obituary for the legendary dare devil.

This is his first-ever televised jump, on November 10th, 1973, at the LA Coliseum, from ABC's Wide World of Sports. Here he jumped 50 stacked cars while riding his motorcycle.

And this is his first major crash, on September 8th, 1974, at Idaho's Snake River Canyon. For this stunt, Evel attempted to jump the canyon in a jet-powered sled, despite the fact that two previous unmanned flights were unsuccessful.

Side Note: The Snake River Canyon stunt took place on the day I was born. My mom watched the preparations for the stunt between contractions. And after giving birth to me - just as the drugs were wearing off - the first words out her mouth were, "Did he make it?!"

Sifl & Olly - The Panda

Sifl & Olly's first encounter with The Panda, during an interview with drummers who wanted to be in Kiss. First aired on MTV in 1998.

The Panda returns in early 1999 to sing his his tale to the panda, aka "The Panda Song", for animal awareness week.

Election '08 and The Beatles

Professor Clifton East gives his analysis of the Democratic presidential candidates with a little help from The Beatles.

Romney Straw Poll Voter Fraud

This voter allegedly caught Mitt Romney supporters stuffing the ballots at the Florida Straw Poll. Apparently there were only about 100 Romney-ites at the event, but the candidate ended up with close to 800 votes.

Here they are illegally voting multiple times at the ballot box.

And here is the Florida GOP illegally selling stacks of voting cards to Romney supporters.

Wow. Voter fraud in Florida... Who'da thunk it!

Living in the Dark

Animated short film about a family's struggle with blindness.

Train Runs Through Bangkok Market

Leo Sayer-"You Make Me Feel Like Dancing"

Performed on The Captain & Tenille, February 14th, 1977.

One Semester of Spanish Love Song


The Beginners Guide To L. Ron Hubbard

BBC Documentary of comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli's journey into Scientology. The film includes training sessions and the elusive auditing process, where they measure your thetan levels.

Billy Preston - "Short Fat Fannie"

Performed live for television in 1964.