Saturday, December 1, 2007

Romney Straw Poll Voter Fraud

This voter allegedly caught Mitt Romney supporters stuffing the ballots at the Florida Straw Poll. Apparently there were only about 100 Romney-ites at the event, but the candidate ended up with close to 800 votes.

Here they are illegally voting multiple times at the ballot box.

And here is the Florida GOP illegally selling stacks of voting cards to Romney supporters.

Wow. Voter fraud in Florida... Who'da thunk it!

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Laser said...

Dept of Justice has refused to prosecute #300 million in fraud that benefited Mitt Romney's Bain entity.

Including the fact that the attorneys (MNAT) for Bain admitted to submitting multiple false Rule 2014 affidavits (Perjury) to accomplish the fraud.

The US Attorney for Delaware, Colm F Connolly failed to disclose the fact that he was a partner at the law firm MNAT in 2001 when the fraud and perjury began.