Friday, August 31, 2007

James Brown Dance Lessons

The great James Brown teaches you different dance steps in this random video.

The Muck Gap

Josh Marshall of TPMTV has discovered that even though the democrats are the ruling party in Congress, the republicans still dominate when it comes to scandals. Here's a quick rundown of all of the criminal investigations since the democrats took over.

Gay Marriage Licences Issued in Iowa


GOP Hooker Scandal du Jour

Karl Rove once famously blamed the GOP's political loss in the 2006 mid-term elections on the Mark Foley sex scandal. So, Air America's Rachel Maddow took a look at all of the GOP sex scandals before and after 2006, and wonders how the 2008 elections will turn out.

Symphony in Slang

Directed by Tex Avery in 1951.

Revolting Cocks - "Do Ya' Think I'm Sexy?"

John Edwards on New Orleans

Presidential candidate John Edwards gave a speech the other day at Georgia South Western State University, in which he addressed the concerns about the continued devastation in New Orleans and what he planned to do, if elected. He also introduced his proposal for "Brownie's Law", which would require those who hold high level Cabinet positions to actually be qualified to do their jobs. How novel!

Merry-Go-Round Water Pumps

This organization distributes water pumps to areas of the world that are in desperate need of clean water. The pumps, however, are powered by children's merry-go-rounds. The more they play, the more clean water is produced for the whole village.

What a great idea!

The Stranglers - "Always the Sun"

Thursday, August 30, 2007

D'angelo - "Cruisin'"

Cruisin' in the Boy's Room

CNN took a look at the culture of life on the down low and the complex signals men use to indicate that they're up for a little booty.

Senator Larry Craig's Arrest Tape

Hardball got a copy of the audio from Senator Larry Craig's arrest by an undercover police officer in the men's room of the Minneapolis airport.

So freaking beautiful...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dragnet: Larry Craig

Countdown's Keith Olberman played a Dragnet-style reenactment of the Senator Larry Craig bathroom sex scandal.

My President Will Be...

The Progressive Patriots and Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin put together this video about the different qualities they are looking for in the next president.

Miss Teen USA - Miss South Carolina

This is her response to the question, why she thinks that 1/5th of American's can't locate the US on a world map.

Little Britain - Sir Norman Fry

Much like America's current batch of corrupt republican politicians, Sir Norman Fry of the UK comedy hit Little Britain has had to call a few press conferences to explain his behavior.

What happened in King's Cross.

What happened in the public toilet.

What happened to his naked photos.

Amanda Lear - "Alphabet"

I'm planning on doing a big tribute to the great and wonderful Amanda Lear sometime really soon. But this video just popped up on YouTube today and I couldn't resist posting it. This is Amanda Lear singing a disco/classical alphabet for "the children of [her] generation", from 1977. For those who aren't familiar with Ms. Lear, this video will tell you everything you need to know, and give you all the reasons why you will now worship her and her amazing fabulosity.

Say a prayer to her every night. She is our savior.

Alberto Gonzales - Unforgettable

TPMTV has put together a top ten video of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales's greatest moments. Oh, how the country's muckrakers and comedians mourn his resignation.

Tomboy - "It's Okay to Be Gay"

This is dedicated to Republican Senator Larry Craig, Republican Senator Mark Foley, Republican state legislator Bob Allen, Republican Reverend Ted Haggard, and all those other lunatic closet queens out there tonight.

I hope that someday soon you all find the courage to be who you are, instead of acting like a bunch of disgusting hypocritical, homophobic, self-hating, bible-thumping, criminal, low-life bastards, who give honest proud gay people a bad name. It is time to get your dirty skank asses off the down low and face up to your shit.

You're here. You're queer. Get used to it!

Republican Sex Crime Recap

On tonight's Hardball, David Shuster reported in depth on the Senator Larry Craig case, adding statements from the arresting officer and past allegations of Craig involving gay sex with congressional pages (you know, the same kids Senator Mark Foley was chasing...). Shuster also added a recap of some of this year's conservative republican sex crime highlights. And I swear you can hear Shuster nearly crack up as he reads the report.

My only complaint: he forgot Florida state legislator Bob Allen, who was arrested for doing the exact same thing in a public restroom just last month.

Red State Update: Larry Craig

Jackie believes in the sanctity of bathrooms.

Cafferty File: Sen. Craig's Political Future

Tonight CNN's Jack Cafferty discussed the Senator Craig case and Craig's claim that he has not yet made up his mind about whether or not to run for reelection. The email question Cafferty posed to his viewers was: "How would you describe Senator Larry Craig's political future?" The responses were delicious.

Senator Larry Craig: "I Am Not Gay."

Where is The Daily Show when you need it!?!?! First Gonzales resigns and now we have anti-gay Republican Senator Larry Craig arrested in a men's room for soliciting gay sex... I mean, come on!! Oh well, in the meantime, we just have the fools themselves to laugh at.

Anyway, here's Larry's press conference from earlier today, in which he states for the record, "I am not gay." Apparently, he just "overreacted" in Minneapolis. Poor, poor legislator... Seems the actual practice of law was just too much for him.

Click to view video.

Well, Senator Craig, no one believes your arrested gay sex soliciting gay ass...

(Much more coverage available in an earlier post.)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Barry White - "Follow It"

Pixies - "Head On"

Live cover of a Jesus & Mary Chain song.

Two Years After Katrina

Tens of thousands of New Orleans residents are still homeless. Show your support for the Gulf Coast Recovery Bill of 2007 by signing the petition.

The Gay Old Party Strikes Again

The republican Senator from Idaho, Larry Craig, plead guilty after being arrested in an airport men's room for trying to solicit sex from an undercover police officer. Now that the story has gone nationwide, he's trying to deny the charges.

It shouldn't be surprising to you that Senator Craig is also married and has voted against gay marriage rights.

I just love that so many "family values" republicans are such freakyass sex-crime-committing nellys. I hope we get a few more of these dipshits before Bush's term is up.

UPDATE: Some local news anchors re-enacted Senator Craig's bathroom pick up on air. Also, too, Senator Craig is the co-chair of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign... Can this story get anymore hysterical? Please!?!


UPDATE #2: Oh, kaloo-kalay - it gets better!! Here's a video clip from tonight's Hardball of Senator Larry Craig on January 24th, 1999. In an interview on Meet the Press, he had the nerve to call then President Bill Clinton a "nasty, naughty boy" for gettin' a blow job from Monica Lewinsky. Even Chris Matthews has a hard time swallowing the hypocrisy. (**This story makes me so happy!!!**)

Click to view video.

UPDATE #3: Someone's got a crushy-poo! Here's a clip of Senator Larry Craig, Idaho campaign chairman for Mitt Romney, talking about how fabulous Romney is and how much he loves him.

Click to view video.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Smiling Faces

Here's a handy guide to corrupt Republicans who have been convicted, indicted and investigated over the last few years. It's one damn long list of criminal activity...

Headzup: Alberto Gonzales Resigns

Gonzales Resigns: The Parade of Speeches

Since the news broke this morning, there's been a few big press conferences.

First up, Gonzo himself makes the formal announcement. Kinda looks like he wants to cry.

Next up, Lame Duck Bushie flaps his gums and proves that he is not only completely clueless, but totally irrelevant. Seriously, why does anybody even pay attention to him anymore? He's officially pointless.

And finally, Senator Chuck Schumer attempts to talk some sense into the administration by asking for a replacement who is actually qualified for the job. What a novelty that would be.

Queen - "Another One Bites the Dust"

In loving tribute to Gonzo's resignation.

Ding! Dong! Another One Gone!

What a great way to start the day! Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned! And yet another Bush appointee has jumped ship. First Karl Rove, then Tony Snow, and now Gonzo. Who's next? And who, oh who, will replace these clowns?

Worst Person in the World

Tonight's winner: Comedian Rush Limbaugh.


"The Dawn" & "Music for Gong Gong", performed live in the UK in 1974.

Who Owns You, Americans?

Animation set to George Carlin's rant against corporate monopolies and the annihilation of the American middle class. Music by Sigor Ros.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bill Moyers Journal - Low Power Radio

Click to view video.

This week's Bill Moyers Journal focussed on big media's attempts to consolidate power and lobby Congress and the FCC.

In this segment, Moyers looked at the services provided by small local broadcasters and how they benefit their communities. During Hurricane Katrina, only 4 out of 41 broadcasters were able to stay on air and provide the area with coverage of the storm, as well as issue evacuation warnings and direct survivors to FEMA aid centers - information the big media failed to offer. And this isn't the first time big media has failed the districts in which they broadcast.

But now we have a chance to turn it all around. Legislation in both the House and the Senate could help to promote local media and restore a balance of power over the public airwaves.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Behind the Music: The Electric Mayhem

From Robot Chicken.

Muppets - "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover"

A cover of the Paul Simon classic by members of The Electric Mayhem.

Doobie Brothers - "Listen to the Music"

Edwin Starr - "H.A.P.P.Y. Radio"

Jimi Hendrix - "Wind Cries Mary"

Performed live in Stockholm, Sweden on May 24th, 1967.

Bad Luck Blackie

Tex Avery cartoon, in which a black cat helps out a little kitty.

Computer Corner - (LOL) Loads of Laughter

Segment from Canada's This Hour Has 22 Minutes about text messaging abbreviations.

How to Make Love to a Woman

Animation by Bill Plympton.

New Rules - Red Poisoning

Real Time with Bill Maher is back for another season. Here's a clip of this week's New Rules.

Gregory Abbott - "Shake You Down"

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Daily Show - Magical History Tour

Jon Stewart and Aasif Mandvi take a look at Bush's speech at the VFW Convention and his perverted sense of history.

Ted Nugent Is Loco

So, at a recent concert in California, Ted Nugent got up on stage, waved around a couple of machine guns and made threats against Barack Obama & Hilary Clinton. Yeah.

Do we need to be concerned about this?

Headzup: Rush Damns Darfur

Radio personality Rush Limbaugh recently claimed that the reason Democrats want to pull the troops out of Iraq is because they want to get them into Darfur. He then went on to claim that the only reason they want to help the people of Darfur is because they are black, and Democrats need black people to vote for them.

I'm not joking. Listen for yourself.

Beatmasters - "Who's in the House?"

1989 music video from Beatmasters & Merlin.

Wire - "Eardrum Buzz"

Bearforce 1

Does this really need an explanation?


March on Washington - September 15th, 2007.

Spread the word!

Disposable Heroes - "Television..."

"Television, The Drug of a Nation" by the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.

Ganymed - "It Takes Me Higher"

Performed on Disco 79, for German TV.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Daily Show - America to the Rescue

Jon Stewart explores America's history in the Middle East and finds a disturbing pattern.

FOX Attacks Iran

Just as they beat the drums for war in Iraq, FOX is now using the same rhetoric to build support for a war in Iran.

Submissive Jesus Ad

Is Jesus not answering your prayers? Submissive Jesus puts the power of God in your hands.

The Daily Show - Barack Obama

Click to view video.

Jon Stewart and presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) talk about the insanity of US elections.

Dionne Warwick - "Walk on By"

Performed live for television in the 1960s.

De-Catapulting the Propaganda

Click to view video.

David Shuster bitch slaps Bush on his ignorance about the Vietnam War, as well as history and foreign policy in general.

Hernandez & Tholance - "Back To Boogie"

Performed by Patrick Hernandez & Hervé Tholance for French TV in 1979.

Billboards Banned in Sao Paulo

The 4th largest city in the world, Sao Paulo, Brazil, has banned outdoor advertising - like billboards and video screens - now considered "visual pollution" under the new Clean City Law.

Countdown - Drowning Dissent

Air America's Rachel Maddow stopped by Countdown to discuss the consequences of the protester manual.

It has been revealed this week that the Bush administration created and used a detailed manual to deal with protesters at presidential rallies and public events. It included guidelines on screening crowds, encouraging chants to drown out dissent and even cordoning off protesters into designated areas, out of sight of the president and the media.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Red State Update: The Candidate's Kids

Jackie and Dunlap talk about recent developments with the kids of the presidential candidates. And some interesting information about one of our hosts comes to light...

Cherry Laine - "Catch The Cat"

Performed live on ZDF Kultnacht in 1979.

Warning: May Cause Blinding Rage

This is Bush's speech at the Convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars, where he made analogies between Iraq and the wars in Vietnam and Korea.

Watch with caution. You may put your fist through your computer monitor. You're at least guaranteed some heavy swearing.

Note to Congress: Do your fucking job and get this assfuck out of office today!!!

The Thousand-Handed Goddess of Mercy

21 deaf Chinese dancers perform an amazing Thai-esque dance called "Senjyukannon", which roughly translates as "The Thousand-Handed Goddess of Mercy".

Shock 'n' Awe

Dan Harmon's entry for Channel 101's Saturday Morning Challenge. Music by Shane Laser, vocals by Robyn Roth.

Bush Backs Less Healthcare For Kids

Bush explains why he's making it harder for low income children to have healthcare.

Solar Energy Breakthrough

CBC News reports that Israeli scientists have made such advances with solar energy, that it will soon be able to compete with traditional forms of energy on a massive scale.

Unrequited Pigeon Love in Paris

Awesome clip from a 2003 episode of Ken Kleiber's Manhattan cable access show That's Kentertainment.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Simon & Garfunkel - "The Boxer"

Performed on Saturday Night Live in November of 1975. Clip begins with Paul Simon singing "Still Crazy After All These Years" in a turkey costume. There's also some subtitles in what may be Japanese.

Re: Jesus Loves You

How deep is Jesus' love?


Click to view video.

Advertisement for a Neo-Conservative dating service, from Real Time with Bill Maher.

Something Weird - Exotic Fire Dance

From the South Sea Glamour-Girl Arcade series.

The Word - Made in Iraq

Stephen Colbert has figured out an alternative to faulty Chinese goods.

The Daily Show - Debate #27

Jon Stewart takes a look at the Iowa Democratic Debates, the 27th debate held so far.

Gregorius - "NMKY"

Finnish version of The Village People's "YMCA", performed live for TV in 1979.

Flight of the Conchords - ''Ladies...''

"Ladies of the World", from episode 10 of the HBO series Flight of the Conchords.

Sorry Mr. Cheney

Cheney gets some overdue apologies in this animated short.

Laban - "Love in Siberia"

Spencer Tunick - Glacier Photos

Nearly 600 naked Greenpeace volunteers posed for photographer Spencer Tunick on the ice-cold Swiss glacier of Aletsch, near the mountain resort of Bettmeralp, on Saturday as part of a publicity campaign to expose the impact of climate change.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Democratic Iowa Debate Highlights

Isaac Hayes - "Walk on By"

Performed live on Music Scene in 1969.

Network - The Truth About Television

In this classic scene from the movie Network, Howard Beale rants about the false promises of the television industry.

The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus

Click to view video.

Al Franken reads his essay The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus, an excerpt from his book Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Blog Action Day '07

Mark your calendars: October 15th the blogs unite!

Topic: the environment.

Spread the word.

Lene Lovich - "New Toy"

Toni Basil - "You Gotta Problem"

Donna Summer - "Don't Cry for Me"

"Don't Cry for Me Argentina", from the musical Evita, performed on Live with Regis & Kathy Lee.

Colbert Report - Mike Huckabee

Stephen Colbert tries to find out who the hell Republican candidate Mike Huckabee is.

The Daily Show - Senator John McCain

Jon Stewart sits down with Republican candidate Senator John McCain.

Portrait of Jimi Hendrix

Painted live by Denny Dent for the Jimi Plays Monterey concert film, released in 1986.

Special thanks to Knuckles for the fabulous find!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Full movie.

Proof Gonzo Lied Under Oath

MSNBC's David Shuster reports that FBI Director Robert Mueller's notes show that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales lied under oath during his Senate hearing.

L. Armstrong - "A Kiss to Build a Dream On"

Performed live by Louis Armstrong and the All Stars, in Stockholm, Sweden in 1962.

Countdown - Worst Person in the World

And the winner is... FOX's own John Gibson for saying this country needs another 9/11.

Another 9/11?

As someone who lives just across town from the 6-year-old crater that once was the glorious Twin Towers, may I be the first to recommend John Gibson's neighborhood as the site of the next 9/11.

Igudesman & Joo - "I Will Survive"

Sorry, Wrong House

Click to view video.

Excerpt from an episode of COPS, in which a police officer tries to rescue a woman from a burning house.

Flight of the Conchords - A Texan Odyssey

New Zealand band Flight of the Conchords visit the SXSW music festival in Austin, TX, in hopes of making it big.

Full documentary made for New Zealand's TV3 in March of 2006.

Michelle Obama's Speech

Can we vote for her instead?

RuPaul - "Back To My Roots"

Odyssey - "Going Back To My Roots"

Bogus Medical Supplies from China

Holy crapballs!

More messed up imports from China. This time it's diabetes test strips, pregnancy tests & HIV test kits.

"Gays For Giuliani" in the News

CNN takes a look at the story behind "Gays for Giuliani".

Tony Snow Stepping Down

So, White House Press Secretary, and former FOX "News" anchor, Tony Snow is on his way out, sighting a need for more money. But with a salary over $160,000 + full benefits, that's about as hard to swallow as anything else he's said on the job.

The rats are jumping ship left and right.

Donatella Rettore - "Splendido Splendente"

Italo-pop-disco from 1979.

Friday, August 17, 2007

R.I.P. Max Roach

We lost another legend today. Innovative Bebop percussionist Max Roach has passed on. Here are just a few reminders why this is such a loss.

"Mr. Hi-Hat", a tribute to Papa Jo Jones.

"The Third Eye", solo performance.

"Drum Waltz", solo performance.

"Driver Man", performed with saxophonist Clifford Jordan and singer Abbey Lincoln.

"What Am I Here For?", the Duke Ellington classic, performed with Billy Taylor in 1981.

Bill Moyers Journal - The Rove Legacy

The great Bill Moyers is once again the media's sole voice of reason. Here, he shares the true legacy of Presidential Adviser Karl Rove.

Red State Update: Ranking Republicans

Jackie and Dunlap take a close look at the standings in last weekend's Iowa Straw Poll.

Soldier Suicide

By now you've probably heard the report that 99 US soldiers committed suicide last year. Wanna take a guess at how many ATTEMPTED suicide?


Countdown: Tampering with Wikipedia

Goverment agencies, major corporations and news organizations (FOX!) are editing unfavorable facts about themselves in entries on Wikipedia. And they got caught.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Word - Potential

Stephen Colbert explores the enhanced powers of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

The Daily Show - Black President?

Correspondent Larry Wilmore tries to find out if America is ready for a black president.

When Will Americans Have Had Enough?

Chad Vader - "Chocolate Rain"

This is a spoof of the viral sensation by Tay Zonday:

Re-Flex - "Politics of Dancing"

Fact Check: Romney vs. Obama

Recently, Barak Obama made a few comments about the war in Afghanistan, saying that we need to put more troops on the ground in order to avoid further civilian casualties. Well, that raging idiot Mitt Romney opened his big fat trap and said a bunch of stupid shit that doesn't make a lick of sense, and proved that he would rather pander to the least educated among us, than actually pay attention to the realities of the world around us. He's even less aware of he facts than Bush!

Surprised? Didn't think so.

Wham - "Everything She Wants"

The One on the Right is on the Left

Adorable Lego stop-motion animation, set to Johnny Cash's "The One on the Right is on the Left".

What's Your Political Compass?

Curious about where the current crop of presidential candidates really stand politically? Well, according to the Political Compass, most of the Democrats are pretty darn conservative...

And this graphic shows how other major political leaders around the world stack up. I see a trend. Don't you?

If you'd like to see where you fall on the map, take the test!
(Apparently, I fall somewhere due south of the Dalai Lama.)

Somebody's Watching You

CNN reports that the US government is now officially using satellites to spy on American citizens.

Mortality Rates in US Drop Dramatically

The BBC reports that over the last 20 years life expectancy rates in the US have dropped from 11th worldwide to 42nd.

How did we let our country become so pathetic?

The Daily Show - Children of the Corn

Jon Stewart tries to figure out what this weekend's Republican Iowa Straw Poll really means and how it will effect the candidates.

The Daily Show - Logo Democratic Debates

Jon Stewart takes a look at the Democratic debate on the Logo network, which addressed gay issues, and comes up with the Most Immature Montage Ever.

Jimi Hendrix on Fire!

Artist Phil Hansen has a new series called Goodbye Art. This piece is a portrait of Jimi Hendrix, made entirely of matches.

What's a "Wedgie"?

Flirting with a Westboro Church man

The Australian show Chaser's War on Everything had a little fun with the members of the Westboro Baptist Church (the "God hates fags"/Phelps family loonies). Correspondent Charles Firth paid a visit to one of their protests.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

UTFO - "Roxanne Roxanne"

Scopitone - PussyCat A Go Go

Ima ft. Yoko Ono - "New York Woman"

Voting Machines Not Ready for 2008

Dan Rather reports that the electronic voting machines are suffering from the same flaws that voters have complained about since 2000. Oh, and some of those machines are made in China...

Impeach Cheney: Peaceman v The Chenguin

54% of Americans and 76% of Democrats support the impeachment of Dick Cheney. But only one presidential candidate is willing to represent the vast majority. In fact, he wrote the resolution to get Cheney out of office - HR 333.

Kucinich. The Cool Kids' Candidate in '08.

Phil Rizzuto - The Money Store Ad

R.I.P. Yankee legend Phil Rizzuto.

Knuckles & I got to attend tonight's game against the Baltimore Orioles. The stadium played a loving tribute to The Scooter and fans chanted his name at the start of the game. It was lovely.

I only wish that the Yanks hadn't lost 12-0... Oy!

Check out more videos about Phil Rizzuto on the Yankees website.

Impeach Bush & Cheney - Mail Messenger

I like this idea and I'm so gonna do it. You should too!

The Weirdos - "Life of Crime"

Performed live in California in 1978.

Countdown - Feeling a Draft

Keith Olberman spoke with John Soltz, Chairman of, about the possibility of a draft.

Spizzenergi - "Soldier Soldier"

1981 banned video.

Nina Hagen - "The Lady is a Tramp"

Performed live with the Leipzig Big Band in Burghausen, Germany on April 28th, 2004.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Daily Show - Dude, Where's My Karl?

Jon Stewart and John Oliver pay tribute to the legacy of Karl Rove.

Headzup: Rove's Resignation

This is exactly what I was thinkin'...

Red State Update: Sayonara Karl Rove

Voter Caging

PBS's Now, with David Brancaccio spoke with investigative journalist Greg Palast about how the republican party stole the 2004 presidential election, by disqualifying thousands of students, soldiers and minorities.

Alexyss K. Tylor - A Warning to Gay Boys

Alexyss never fails! Lord, I could listen to her all day...

Another installment from the Vagina Power cable access show, and it's a double dose! This episode focussed on gay issues. But there's wisdom in it for all of us.

I so love that her mother is her co-host.

Sex Pistols - "Anarchy in the UK"

This the band's broadcast debut on So It Goes, August 28th, 1976.

Queen - "Flash"

Composed for the 1980 film Flash Gordon.

Olivia Newton-John - "Xanadu"

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is (Almost) Gone!

Hottest news of the day: Karl Rove is resigning. Last day's Aug 31st.
Good riddance, Turd Blossom!!

Here's the official White House press announcement. Try not to barf on your keyboard.

But the most odious display of the day has to be Chris Matthews. You could almost make this into a drinking game. Take a swig every time Matthews puckers up to Rove's asshole.

Brilliant? My aunt fanny...!

The Color Green

Short documentary film about the prohibition of marijuana in America and the corrupt war on drugs.

Rose Royce - "Wishing on a Star"

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Video created by the guy behind the amazing website project PostSecret.

Jr. Walker & the All-Stars - "Shotgun"

Raping and Pillaging Iraq

With the cooperation of Bush & Co., oil corporations are already laying claim to some of the richest oil fields in the world, with no regard for the Iraqi people, and all of Bush's promises of freedom and democracy flushed down the toilet.

Y'all knew this shit was comin', too...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bjork - "Innocence"

For her latest single, Bjork held a contest that allowed her fans to produce the video themselves. After 500 submissions, 11 finalists were chosen. This video, by animators Fred&Annabelle of France, was the ultimate winner.

Cheney: Invading Baghdad = "Quagmire"

In an interview on April 15th, 1994, Dick Cheney explained how invading Baghdad and toppling Saddam's regime would result in a quagmire and cost too many American lives.

Pavarotti - "Una Furtiva Lagrima"

You guys. Pavarotti is in the hospital tonight. Say a prayer, okay?

Saint Etienne - "Nothing Can Stop Us"

New Strategy for Iraq: Bring Back the Draft!

It may be time to consider moving to Canada.

Britain Silences Military Bloggers

BBC News reports that the Ministry of Defense is following in Bush's footsteps and censoring British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Like their American counterparts, they will no longer be allowed to post videos to YouTube, or speak to the press.

The Daily Show - Bush in His Own Words

FOX's Neil Cavuto sat down with Bush for an ass-licking extravaganza. And Jon Stewart just can't resist having a little fun.

Bush seems convinced he needs to dumb down his message for the masses. Jon Stewart sets him straight.

Muppets - "Accustomed to Your Face"

Jim Henson & the Muppets make an early appearance on the Jack Paar Show.
Song by Rosemary Clooney.

Gays for Giuliani

Gibson Brothers - "Cuba"

Daft Punk @ Coney Island's Keyspan Park

The fabulous Rich from the fabulous FourFour has put together a highlight reel from this week's Daft Punk concert out in Coney Island.

I REALLY wanted to go, but couldn't squeeze another ticket into my budget. And it breaks my heart, cause the band just does not tour enough, and I always miss them when they do. And, of course, the show looked AMAZING!

So, Rich honey, I am officially jealous. Like so jealous I could almost be furiously, unforgivably mad at you...

Gay Democratic Debate in 10 Minutes

Here's some highlights from tonight's debate. Candidates appeared individually and answered questions from the panel on gay rights and discrimination.

Poor Bill Richardson. He really stumbled... Oy-yoy.

Giuliani: "I'm One of Them."

Giuliani's delusions of grandeur continue! This is his response to criticism from families of 9/11 rescue workers.

What a freakin' loon.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Mark Steel on Che Guevara

BBC's Mark Steel shares a comical lecture on the history behind the legend of rebel leader Che Guevara.

Zlad - "Elektronik Supersonik"

Yearly Kos: In Conclusion

Curious as to what that big convention was all about, and what got Bill O'Reilly's panties so twisted that he repeatedly referred to the attendees and organizers as nazis?? TPMTV caught up with Markos Moulitsas, founder of the Daily Kos website, and asked him about the history of the annual meeting, the growing influence of the netroots, and where this is all headed.

Priest Arrested for Jogging Naked

Not even the news anchor can keep it together on this one.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Rick Astley - "Never Gonna Give You Up"

Quit acting like you don't sing along to this at the supermarket.

The Daily Show - Going, Going, Gun

Jon Stewart explores the latest in a long line of fuckups in Iraq: the missing 200,000 guns.

Warren Zevon - "Lawyers, Guns & Money"

Acoustic live performance from BBC's Words and Music: American Writers, December 1994.

Lobbyists, Cash and Power in DC

CNN takes a look at the new Ethics Reform Bill, and whether or not it will actually stave off the influence of lobbyists in DC.

Red State Update - "Fightin' Joe Biden"

Ever since Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) said that Jackie and Dunlap offended the state of Tennessee with their CNN/YouTube Debate video entry, the boys have had a grudge against him. So, now they've decided to express their feelings in song.

The 'Don't Say GAY' Debates

Rachel Maddow talks about why she hates gay politics.

The Daily Show - Drop and Give me $20

Jon Stewart and John Oliver have some fun with the audio confession of Florida State Legislator Bob Allen, who was caught soliciting gay sex in an undercover sting.

Canada's Gone to Pot

Click to view video.

Canada is now the #1 consumer of marijuana in the world. And they couldn't be happier about it.