Monday, September 24, 2007

Blackwater Killing Spree in Iraq

Holy fuck. This is one of the most disturbing videos to come out of the Iraq War.

It is a trophy video made by employees of Aegis Security Service, a British Blackwater contractor working in Iraq, and it is allegedly one of four such videos. They recorded themselves on a killing spree, driving down the highway in Iraq and randomly shooting at innocent Iraq civilians for sport, and then set it to the music of Elvis. Sick. Truly and heinously sick.

When you watch this, remember that the Bush administration gave Blackwater a no-bid contract, of $600 a day per mercenary, for their work in Iraq and Paul Bremer, Bush's original viceroy to Iraq, granted them all immunity. The Iraqi government has asked them to leave because of their lawless behavior, but Bush has ignored the request and reinstated them. Blackwater is Bush's secret army, accountable to no law, no justice, no authority. All of this is Bush's responsibility.

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