Sunday, October 14, 2007

Clinton's Reply to Ann Coulter

The Late Show with David Letterman featured Bill Clinton's response to Ann Coulter's accusation that he's gay.

Special thanks to Sari for sending in this clip!


Lydia said...

Who likes this woman? people regard her as intelligent? As if she has a poignant thought to contribute to society? She's outrageous for the sake of outrageousness and it's exhausting. Such an insult to the nation's intelligence.

finding the filth said...

oh girl - you'd love this other piece of crap that flew out of her mouth this week:

the worst part of the problem is the networks that continue to pay her to come on their shows, knowing full well she's going to say horrendous vile evil things, and give her a platform for her hate speech. aaaannnddd.... all of this bullshit goes down on the public airwaves. *OUR* airwaves.