Saturday, January 12, 2008

Club Kid Party at Twin Donuts

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Back in the early '90s Michael Alig was the king of the New York nightlife. He was the top party promoter and darling of the club kids. And then he went and killed his roommate, chopped him up into little pieces and threw his body in the East River. And the city's club scene floated away with the remains of victim.

But, before he went all psycho, Michael Alig threw the hottest parties this town has ever seen. And this is ultra-rare footage of one of his infamous outlaw parties that he threw at a donut shop in Manhattan, with some of the city's most notorious club kids. And, yes, that's Leigh Bowery wearing a toilet seat on his head. And yes, that's James St. James tweeking in the back, as usual...

God, I miss those days.
Extreme gratitude goes out to Knuckles for sending in this video!!

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Sonia. said...

Hey there,
The video no longer works... Do you still have it?