Friday, January 4, 2008

Obama's Iowa Caucus Victory Speech

You might be looking at the next President of the United States.


Lydia said...

I so want a woman to be our president, but the more I think about Obama, the more I'll be comfortable voting for him. Maybe Obama/Clinton? Just as long as its not another born-again Republican.

finding the filth said...

i gotta admit, i'm selfish when it comes to hillary. she's my senator & i really like having her as my state rep. so, as much as i want a woman to be president, i don't want it to be hillary.

besides, the right wing is SO anti-hillary, that even if she did win the election, they would never give her a moment of peace to do her job. and i don't think she deserves the hate and hassle they are sure to throw at her for four years straight.

obama's not my top choice either, but i'd vote for him. he does represent some change & he mobilizes the youth vote like nobody's business! hell, the cross-over republican/independent vote alone will swing the election in his favor. plus, his wife is kinda ruling. and overall, obama would probably be the best international ambassador this country has seen in generations.

as for a running mate, obama/kucinich would curl my toes... but i just hope he makes good cabinet decisions. like appointing al gore to the head of the EPA would rock the shit out of this country. and maybe someone super amazing like bill moyers as head of the FCC, or the education department. heck, maybe hillary could be head of the justice department...

i don't know. as long as the right people get the right jobs, i think we can do great things in the next administration.