Tuesday, January 29, 2008

State of the Union

Did you watch Bush's final state of the union address last night? Yeah, me neither. I assume it was as worthless as it's always been. More useless lip-service about Mars and steroids and mystical uranium from *Africa*... Ooooo-aaaahhh! Booga booga! Stupid fucker gives fresh resonance to the term "LAME duck".

Any-who! Seems a perfect time to look back on some old skits from Saturday Night Live.
This one from the year 2000, starring Will Farrell, was performed before the election, as A Glimpse of Our Possible Future, if Bush were elected. It was supposed to be a work of fantasy, but ended up being more of prediction. Whoever wrote this piece needs to read my tarot cards!

This clip from 2006, stars Former Vice President, Nobel Prize Winner, Oscar Winner and best-selling author, Al Gore - the man who should have been elected President way back when... Here he presents his state of the union address, in the parallel universe in which he actually won the 2000 election. We need to find a wormhole or something, because I need to move to that universe, now!

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