Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Candidate Gore?

Al Gore has released three no-fuss no-muss videoblogs on the Current TV website, detailing his views on some of the biggest issues in America today. And now everyone's a'twitter trying to figure out if this is his first stab at entering the presidential race. At the very least, Gore remains the definitive Democratic voice of reason. Whether he becomes a candidate or a king maker, Gore can redefine the democratic talking points and push the top-tier dems to fall in line with mainstream American views.

What was once the platform of the far left, is now the rally cry of every rational American. And it's time the Democrats realized just who their base really is.

Al Gore on universal healthcare.
Click to view video.

Al Gore on domestic spying.
Click to view video.

Al Gore on how to get out of Iraq.
Click to view video.

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