Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lulu - "The Man Who Sold The World"

Special thanks to Planet Mondo for letting me know about some awesome David Bowie covers. I couldn't find the exact ones you recommended, but I did find this ultra-lovely performance from Lulu! Her expression at the end makes it all worth it.


Planet Mondo said...

I love this version !!- It's like the Bauhaus version of Ziggy (they also do a great cover of Eno's Third Uncle ) as good as if not better than Bowie's take.

The Streisand track is on the album Butterfly - my brother Tronik Youth gave me the tip off about it.

I Think Lulu's Watch That Man is unavailable but I'll be putting it on Planet Mondo soon under a feature Re-Make Re-Model - cool or crazy cover versions

Suzzana Hoff's (Yes her from The Bangles) version of Boy's Keep Swinging is great until the guitar solo.

And I’ll also be putting Bowie’s version of Penny Lane on Planet Mondo too.

If you’re on the youtube run type in 1980 floor show for some great, glam and rare bowie footage.

Thanks for the vid and keep those winners coming

finding the filth said...

wow! thank you so much for all the info! i can't wait to see all the goodies you're gonna post. i really love your blog!